- 06/18/2015 by Kirsten Theodos (

When your lease is up, will you be forced out of business by an exorbitant rent hike? 
We've spent the last few months fighting for your commercial renter's rights by advocating to pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA) currently in the NY City Council.

During these few short months we've watched as nothing but volunteer-led action took the petition from 0 to 4000 signatures and 1 Council Member supporting the SBJSA to 19, putting us at just 7 Council Members away from passage.

It's clearer than ever that commercial renter's rights can happen and will happen if we just get the rest of the City Council to hear how deeply this matters to their constituents. That only happens when they see how many of their small businesses sign the petition.

If we can accomplish this, the SBJSA gives you the right to:

Minimum 10-year lease w/ right of renewal
Equal negotiating power as the landlord
No more paying the landlord's property taxes

Join other business owners in fighting for legislation that makes sure you have rights to fair rents, fair lease terms, and the opportunity for reasonable profits. Claim your rights by clicking below and signing the petition for the SBJSA!

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