NYC Rent Laws Expired Last Night
- NYC 06/16/2015 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

The law affecting rents paid by more than 2 million tenants in and around New York City expired last night. Lawmakers failed to reach a deal even on extending the rent laws.

The bill Senate Republicans passed last night would extend rent laws for 8 years. It’s a give back to real estate developers and it would require that tenants in rent regulated apartments verify that they meet income requirements.

That bill was designed by upstate Republicans. Senator Liz Krueger before she voted no on the bill said. "When we talk about what NYC needs, I would argue, we ought to listen to NYC. 

Assembly Democrats want stronger tenant protections. Governor Cuomo, the NYC Council and many tenant advocates have endorsed the Assembly's bill.

Lawmakers hope to agree on a deal before adjourning their 2015 session later this week.

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