Report from the Left Forum: Families Affected by Police Violence
- New York City 06/04/2015 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

Left Forum, New York City. May 31, 2015. Photo: WBAI News.
The heartbreak of losing a child, a sister a brother, a nephew, a friend, it’s the club no one wants to join yet there are members across the country. At the Left Forum in New York City, Love Not Blood Campaign brought together victim families who gave testimony about their experiences with police.

Mike Brown Sr. is still looking for justice in the death of his son, Mike Brown Jr. He traveled to NYC from Ferguson, Mo. He spoke about the horror of learning his son was dead. So did Andrew Joseph who traveled to NYC from Tampa, Fla. He lost his 14 year old, Andrew Johnson III. Kendrick Johnson's mom, Jacquelyn Johnson also shared her story. She traveled to the forum from Georgia.

And there were more family members who spoke out about their experiences, but also about what they are doing now, after losing a loved one, to try and affect change. 

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