FIFA Corruption Scandal Not a Surprise
- 05/29/2015 by Mario A. Murillo (WBAI's Morning Show)

The corruption charges engulfing soccer's governing body have heaped shame and humiliation on the game! That’s how FIFA President Sepp Blatter described the situation on Thursday, although he flatly rejected calls to resign over the scandal. With FIFA facing the worst crisis in its 111-year history, the head of Europe's soccer confederation UEFA, said he had told Blatter to go "with tears in his eyes", but the 79-year-old had refused.

WBAI's Morning Show spoke with Brenda Elsey on Friday Morning. She is a professor of History at Hofstra University.  Her first book, Citizens and Sportsmen: Futbol and Politics in Twentieth Century Chile was published by University of Texas press in 2011.

 Her forthcoming book with fellow historian Josh Nadel, Futbolera: Women, Gender, and Sport in Latin America is due out next year.  She has conducted extensive research at the FIFA archives, where she will be traveling to next week.  Elsey posts quite a bit on the subject via Twitter @politicultura.

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