Michelle Obama To 2015 Oberlin Graduates; Cleveland Cop Aquitted; DOJ Ordered Police Reform
- Oberlin, Ohio 05/28/2015 by Linda Perry Barr (WBAI News)

A Cleveland, Ohio Judge found white police officer Michael Brelo not guilty of manslaughter in the 2012 deaths of two unarmed black motorists,Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. The not guilty verdict was announced just as the Memorial Day weekend was beginning. This, even though Brelo jumped on the hood of their car and fired 15 shots through their windshield.

Protests erupted. They were underplayed by local media. Then on Tuesday the Justice Department announced an agreement to reform the Cleveland Police Department. The Federal Government is putting the entire police force under an independent monitor. It issued new guidelines to minimize racial bias and the use of force.

The City of Cleveland is awaiting decisions in two other cases, Tamir Rice, a 12 year old black child was killed by a white rookie police officer.  Tanisha Anderson who had mental problems was suffocated as police tried to subdue her.

Meanwhile about 20 miles from Cleveland, the First Lady addressed the graduating class of Oberlin College on Memorial Day, 50 years since Dr. King gave a commencement speech there where he said, "The greatest challenge of graduates is to remain awake through social revolution." Michelle Obama echoed that call. She rabble roused and urged the graduating class of 2015 to engage in civic life. She said students, after this degree you don't get to be cautious or precious or cynical. 

"Graduates, climate change, economic inequality, human rights, criminal justice these are the revolutions of your time." 

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Michelle Obama, 2015 Oberlin Graduation.