Update on Fire at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
- New York 05/15/2015 (Office of Governor Cuomo)

Since last week’s fire at Indian Point, our administration has taken an aggressive, hands-on approach to investigating the cause of the accident and overseeing a thorough cleanup.

As of mid-week:

· 86,000 gallons of an oil/water mix of liquids have been pumped from moat and transformer area to storage tanks and oil separator on site (as of 5/15/15).
· 2,271 gallons of transformer oil recovered (as of 5/13/15).
· Entergy moved the damaged transformer today and found it to be empty. They had earlier reported it still contained approximately 900 gallons of transformer oil.

Update on spill and environmental clean-up:

Contractor Clean Harbors continues to remove foam, water and oil from the fire site, transformer, secondary containment structures, and the stormwater and drainage system leading to the Hudson River. Efforts to quantify the total amount of fluids (transformer oil, water, and fire-fighting foam) lost to the system and environment is on-going. The transformer that burned held a capacity of 24,300 gallons; it is unknown how much transformer oil was burned in the fire. A total estimate of the oil recovered will be available once the secondary containment moats are pumped out. At this time, most of the contents of the containment moats have been removed by Clean Harbors.

Booms and absorbent materials are still in place in the river near the plant site. Contractor Miller Environmental has 1,900 feet of containment boom deployed around the site. It is being checked daily and changed as needed. DEC and Miller Environmental continue to investigate reports of oil sheens observed on the Hudson River, but there is no longer a visible sheen in the outfall.

The US Coast Guard, accompanied by DEC Spills staff, also continues to inspect on-land and in-river recovery efforts, and has gather oil samples to be used to “fingerprint” oil sheens on the river. 

The DEC Habitat unit is also inspecting possible oil stained areas, while providing oversight of any beach/shoreline cleanups performed by Miller Environmental. Several areas on the shoreline and beach are being cleaned by Miller Environmental, including Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Park, 61 Beach Road area in Stony Point, Vincent A. Clark Park and the River Road & Fifth Street area. All areas are in Rockland County. 

The Palisades Park Commission has been advised of the impacted beach at the Stony Point State Park. Miller Environmental is currently remediating oil-stained sand at this area. The plan is to complete remediation at all the affected areas by next week. 

The State Department of Environmental Conservation asks anyone who notices sheens in the area to call the DEC Spills Hotline at 1-800-457-7362. Reports of sheens will be investigated by state or federal responders and private contractors.