Women Take On UN Permanent Forum On Indigenous Issues
- New York City 05/01/2015 by Mario A. Murillo (WBAI's Morning Show)

The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues came and went once again in New York in late April/early May, with absolutely no coverage by the major media. Nevertheless, the issue of climate change and its many ramifications was on the top of the agenda for many of the people participating from around the world.

Mario Murillo spoke with three delegates who attended the Forum under the auspices of MADRE and the Rosa Luexemburg Stiftung-NYC about the role of women at the forum, and many other issues in their respective communities.

The guests included ALINA SABA, a Climate Change Action Researcher at the Mugal Indigenous Women Upliftment Institute of Nepal, LUCY MULENKEI, Executive Director of the Indigenous Information Network of Kenya (IIN), and KANDI MOSSETT, with the Indigenous Environmental Network in the United States, who has been an IEN delegate in the UNFCCC COP meetings since 2009.

To hear the entire segment, check out Mario's Soundcloud page HERE.

headline photo
Mario is joined by KANDI MOSSETT, LUCY MULENKEI, and ALINA SABA in the studios of WBAI. May 1, 2015