Loretta Lynch Lynch Pledges Independence if Confirmed as Attorney General
- 01/29/2015 (WBAI)

New York’s Loretta Lynch, the top federal prosecutor since 2010 for parts of New York City and Long Island ,began her testimony Wednesday pledging that the constitution will be her lodestar as she exercises the power & responsibility of the position of U.S. Attorney General.

And her family—her foundation—Seated behind her was her dad Lorenzo—a 4th generation Baptist preacher who carried her on his shoulders in the early 60’s as he opened his Greensboro church to those planning sit-ins and marches. 

Lynch said, "I pledge to all of you and to the American people that I will fulfill my responsibilities with integrity and independence,"  but conservative republicans seemed more interested in blasting Eric Holder and his tight relationship with President Barack Obama, than hearing what Loretta Lynch was saying.

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