Students Walk-out of Class in Support of Ferguson Protesters As Barack Obama Changes How Police Police
- New York 12/02/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

High school, college and graduate students across the country walked out of their classes on Monday in support of the Ferguson protesters in an action called #WalkoutMonday. Here in NYC a large student protest marched from Union Square to Times Square--Gathering strength from one another, they spoke of pain, struggle, peace and the road ahead.

Meanwhile, President Obama announced new initiatives to bring accountability and reform to police departments across the country. The White House is allocating a $263 million spending package for retraining and to improve community relations. This includes $75 million for 50,000 small cameras which police will wear on lapels to video interactions with the public. 

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Times Square Student Walk-Out For Mike Brown and All Victims of Police Brutality, December 1, 2014 (LindaPerry)


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