Disgraced on Broadway
- New York 10/31/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

At the Lyceum Theater on Broadway a play about identity and religion in today's world just opened. It's called Disgraced. It revolves around a man who left his Muslim background behind -- Amir Kapoor. 

Amir is living the good life, or so he thinks. $600 white shirts are what he wears to the office and to court as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer in a firm where he's hoping to make partner. He has the lovely upper east side apartment and the lovely blonde non-muslim wife who paints Islamic motifs and is more enamored of the Islamic tradition than Amir. 

Race, ethnicity, gender, prejudice, indoctrination -- these are themes underlying the drama. The powerful new play gets people talking outside the theater. Click the link above to listen.

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