Suspected Case of Ebola Reported in West Harlem--Patient is in Isolation at Bellvue
- 10/23/2014 (Council Member Mark Levine)

A male healthcare worker who lives on 147th Street in Manhattan has returned from West Africa, within the 21 day window, and is displaying symptoms consistent with what could be a variety of conditions including Ebola. Test results are currently being processed and health officials expect to have results overnight. In the meantime, it is being treated as if it were a confirmed case. He is being treated in the isolation ward at Bellevue. State and federal teams on their way. Officials are already doing a contract trace and trying to identify everyone he's come in contact with since returning home.

Council Member Mark Levine, who represents the neighborhood where the possible case was reported, issued the following statement:

"I want to assure everyone in Northern Manhattan that City, State and Federal public health authorities are responding with the highest possible level of urgency and marshaling every resource at their disposal to respond to this possible case. I want to reiterate that this has not yet been confirmed as an Ebola case but every precaution is being taken as if it were. For more information on Ebola prevention or if you think you've come in contact with the patient, please call 311."