NYC's Carl Dix Arrested in Ferguson
- Ferguson, Mo. 08/19/2014 (Stop Mass Incarceration Net)

Carl Dix
Carl Dix, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party and co-founder with Dr. Cornel West of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, was arrested in Ferguson last night, one of sixteen arrested from out of state. He was charged with failure to disperse. 

Dix was called an "outside criminal element, but when released from St. Louis County Jail today he said, "The criminal actions in Ferguson come from the police who brutalize and murder people, not from people who have stood up and refused to accept that subjugation, or from people like myself who came from other cities to support them.”

Dix said he went to Ferguson "to stand with people who poured into the streets after the murder of Michael Brown, and were demanding justice and refusing to silently suffer this abuse any longer. We want the cop who shot Michael indicted, Police Chief Jackson fired, and the authorities to stop hiding the information about Michael's murder. Because people defiantly refused to be stopped by curfews, National Guard deployment, and states of emergency, the whole world now knows about the unjust murder of Michael Brown.”

Dix, who says that he was extracted for arrest from a sidewalk crowd he was speaking to, was among more than 50 people, including media, arrested Monday as police declared protest “unlawful assembly,” and used tear gas, sound cannons, stun grenades, and pointed assault weapons at protesters holding their hands in the air.

Here's a news conference with Carl Dix recorded by Argus Radio 

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