Some good news for NYC public schools as de Blasio administration revamps system
- New York City 08/16/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

Carmen FariƱa, New York City Schools Chancellor
There has been much controversy across New York State over standardized tests. Teachers felt compelled to teach to the tests and students were forced to endure hours upon hours of test prep. 

The controversy grew so heated last year that about 60,000 parents statewide had their children opt out of standardized tests.

This week, the New York State Education Department released standardized test scores by region, along with some of the test questions. 

It said the test emphasis shifted this year from memorization to problem solving and analytical skills, but education advocates don’t see it that way. One question in a passage from the English language test was more a measure of attention, memory and test taking skills rather than deep understanding of a text, according to an education advocate. 

Lisa Rudley is with NYS Allies for Public Education, a coalition of 50 parent and child advocacy groups. She said, “The tests were flawed, riddled with vague questions, inappropriate reading passages and multiple product placements.”

Nonetheless in New York City there was a slight rise in test scores from 2013 to 2014. Mayor Bill de Blasio will take any good news wherever he can find it...

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