Police Attack Protesters in Ferguson
- Ferguson, Mo. 08/14/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

Mike Brown murdered by police officer, August 9, 2014.
I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, Mo. says a reporter with KARG Argus Radio.

We are all Mike Brown is the sentiment of the crowd.

Brown is the 18 year old black youth murdered by a white Ferguson police officer on Saturday. Racial unrest has rocked the St. Louis suburb ever since and it turned violent Wednesday night. 

Demonstrators chant "We Want Justice."

They sing,"Won't be no mass incarceration, when the revolution comes. Won't be no police brutality, when the revolution comes. Won't be no black profiling, when the revolution comes.... 

Tear gas and rubber bullets strike the crowd. Innocent victims are fired on by St. Louis County says the reporter. A piercing sound hurts his eardrums.

"Don't shoot!" shout people with raised arms, but cops fire rubber bullets into the crowd anyway. Demonstrators scramble.Then tear gas. Smoke bombs. "The world is watching." says a protester. People are coughing.  

Police use a bullhorn. "Turn off your cameras," but video operators keep recording. 

The reporter says, "Please share this link to let the world see what is happening in Ferguson."

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