Occupy Wall Street Settlement
- New York 06/10/2014 (AP)

New York City has agreed to pay nearly $600,000 to settle allegations that police wrongfully arrested a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters during a march on New Year's Day 2012.

Attorneys from the firm Stecklow Cohen & Thompson say the $583,000 pact announced Tuesday is the largest settlement to date in a single Occupy-related civil rights case. It involves 14 demonstrators.

The city Law Department says settling "was in all parties' best interest." The city calls the episode "a fast-evolving, complicated policing situation."

The protesters say they were walking in Manhattan when police boxed them in and ordered them to disperse, then prevented them from doing so. They were arrested on disorderly conduct charges that got dismissed.

There's no official list of Occupy-related settlements. Lawyers involved track them informally.

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