Black, Latino & Asian Caucus Wants Interagency Approach to End Violence in Communities of Color
- New York City 05/20/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

Black, Latino and Asian Caucus, Council of the City of New York
"Stop the Violence Increase the Peace..."

The chant at City Hall by members of the Black, Latino and Asian caucus of the City Council. They held a news conference this week to denounce the recent epidemic of violence in New York City.

In the Bronx's 47th precinct there were more shootings in the past week than in all of last year. Senseless shootings in communities of color in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn amd Staten Island. A man was shot over a parking space in Jamaica. Queens.

"It’s time for all of us to band together in all the districts across the city and really take a hard look at violence.”

Councilman Robert Cornegy  says the federal government, the state and the city combined need to look at violence as  a public health issue.

"Until we do that we’re going to be out here regularly putting out fires. A collective effort needs to be around jobs around housing around mental health issues, so it has to be addressed as a public health issue."

Councilmember Andy King was once told if you want to get rid of a people you go after their young.

"And i think that's what's happening in communities of color.."

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