Sex Education in New York City Public Schools
- New York City 05/07/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI News)

Sex education came into focus at City Hall's Denim Day Rally this year.

Laurie Cumbo is a new New York City Council member representing the  35th Council District: Fort Hill, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, and parts of Bedford Stuyvesant. She’s looking into sex education in public middle schools and high schools. This was mandated by the Department of Education back in 2011. Cumbo says she want to be sure sex ed courses aren't only about sexual education, but also about healthy relationships.

“I cringe when the conversation is about should we give young people the morning after pill or not give them the morning after pill.  Do we just give them condoms or we don’t give them condoms. I’m like where is the conversation about relationships."

Cumbo who is chair of the city council’s Women’s Issues Committee says so many young people are making detrimental decisions early on that very often they can’t recover from. Young people need help she says and all the tools they need to make smart decisions.

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