The Dangers of Radon in our Kitchens
- New York 05/07/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, Chair of the Legislative Commission on Science and Technology, is preparing for a hearing on Radon and Natural Gas for Friday May 9th. 

The public hearing is to look into Impacts of radon from natural gas on indoor air quality  as well as New York State’s gas delivery system in relation to radon levels.

Rosenthal says, "We’re having experts speak about the danger of radon, a radioactive component of natural gas that dissipates when it comes from afar."

While the EPA indicates that there is no "safe" level of exposure to radon, historically the gas delivered to New York has contained low levels due to the half-life of radon and the geographic location of suppliers. But as gas is piped into our homes from closer locations, radon levels are increasing.

"Now that we’re getting natural gas from close by through the spectral pipeline and from Pennsylvania where they do have marcellus gas, there’s not enough time for radon to dissipate."

If radon comes into our kitchens through gas for our stoves at too high levels Linda Rosenthal says it’s potentially cancer causing to anyone who inhales it and she is sponsoring a bill to protect New Yorkers. 

"I have a bill that mandates that Con Ed or whatever energy company is in charge of whichever area in the state, has to measure the levels of radon before they get piped into our homes."

Assembly bill A.6863-B. This would amend the Public Health Law and the Public Service Law in relation to the protection of public health from exposure to radon in natural gas.

The hearing which is open to the public is set to begin on Friday at 10am at 250 Broadway.

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