Housing Plan
- New York City 05/06/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

Bill de Blasio launched his administration's housing plan with officials in the Bronx and then again in Brooklyn.  The plan is called Housing New York: A Five Borough Ten Year Plan. 

The Mayor said, "Wherever I go all over this city, people talk to me about being priced out of their neighborhoods. They talk about that sense that the New York City they’ve known and loved may be slipping away. The city that was, for generations, a place for everyone, may be starting to change. It may no longer be a place for working people and people of every background from every part of the country, every part of the world. It may no longer be a place where people, generation after generation, can live in the neighborhood they love.

We understand that crying need. I’ve heard it from my fellow New Yorkers so many times, so urgently, so passionately. And so we said clearly from the beginning, we’re going to address this on the biggest scale possible. It is the biggest affordable housing program ever put underway because that’s what’s needed for this time."

De Blasio's plan is to build and preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing over the next decade. "It is faster and more ambitious than anything we’ve seen before because the crisis is greater than anything we’ve seen before. And we’re going to use every tool of this city government, in ways more aggressive than ever attempted in the past, to protect the interests of our people and make sure that every kind of person can live in New York City."

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