- 04/08/2014 by Lourdes Vela (WBAI News)

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, ONIC,  have sent out a red alert as to the humanitarian crisis facing the Wayuu tribe in the region of the Guajira, in Colombia, South America.

At this moment, the lives of children, women, elders, and chiefs are in great danger.  Their communities are lacking basic needs such as drinking water and are suffering from health issues, malnutrition, a lack of infrastructure, and they are seeing mortality rates amongst infants and mothers like never before. 

According to the Ministry of Women, Family, and Engenderment, “the Colombian Institute of Family Well-being has completely overlooked the five Wayuu territories of Punta Cruz, Punta Sierra, Etkishimana, Malewan and El Ciruelo.” 

The State continues to ignore the desperate cries of the Wayuu people whose children are dying of hunger and thirst in one of Colombias most exploited economic regions.  
The Wayuu people live along the northern part of Colombia bordering Venezuela, off the Caribben Sea coast. 

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Here, the Wayuu protested against the presence of the coal mine Cerrejón on their land. One of the largest open mines in the world, it causes severe environmental detriments in the surrounding area.