- 04/03/2014 by Lourdes Vela (WBAI Radio)

Julio Chavez, the Deputy of the National Assembly, shows evidence of paramilitary groups in Venezuela. He warns that they have plans on killing people who have ties to the government.

In a national television program, Zurda Conducta, Deputy Chavez shows how Cuban doctors in Barquisimeto were attacked inside their residence with gasoline bombs. He explains that “it was a miracle that they escaped because all exits were locked.”
He states that another piece of evidence found was a list of people who will be attacked by criminal gangs who have been trained by paramilitaries with the objective of killing people of specific regions with ties to the government. 

Deputy Chavez also shows pictures of homes that are marked with an “X” (indicating supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution), as opposed to those marked with an “SOS” — those who oppose the government and therefore should not be killed. He informs listeners that this was common practice in Colombia, which neighbors Venezuela. 
Deputy Chavez argues, that “we have to prevent this.” He has made President Maduro aware of the situation and the President is following this closely.

At the same time, one of the countries most prominent political journalists, Jose Vicente Rangel, has warned that there are over 200 Paramilitaries in the locality of Ragonvalia, in the Department North of Santander that borders Colombia. Rangel refers to intelligence data that he was able to obtain from the military, which documents how Colombian paramilitaries are concentrated in all borders of Venezuela-waiting for instructions to enter Venezuela.

Colombia is the birthplace of paramilitarism and under former President Uribe some of the worst crimes against humanity were unleashed against the black and indian rural Colombian populations where entire towns were wiped out by paramilitaries.

headline photo
Paramilitary troops on Venezuela's border (YVKE archive, 2009)