Goodnight Pete
- New York 01/28/2014 by Linda Perry (WBAI)

If you’d ever seen Pete Seeger perform, and experienced his radiance and unapologetic optimism, you might join in mourning the loss of a national treasure says an editorial in the Dallas Morning News. They saw him perform on the National Mall in the 1980s with Arlo Guthrie and Ronnie Gilbert, among others. "It was a rich vein of American musical history gathered on the Mall that night, and to hear Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land from this special bunch –  with the Lincoln Memorial in the background, no less — was a magical experience."

It was a magical experience whereever and whenever Pete Seeger took the stage. We, New Yorkers, are fortunate that the folk artist, environmentalist, crusader for labor and social justice held so many concerts and fundraisers for progressive causes here in his last few years. Each time he appeared on stage he received a standing ovation from a full house eager to sing-along.  During the heat of New York City's mayoral primary, Seeger was honored at a mayoral debate put on by the New York City Community Garden Coalition and WBAI Radio. It was just before his 94th birthday. 

That's what's above.

Pete Seeger on stage, The Great Hall, Cooper Union, April 27, 2013. 




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Seeger died Monday at age 94.