Mondays 7:45am

Hosted by: Nadette Stasa, Keegan Stephan, Laura Solis, Paul Steely White

'Bike Talk' - will be re-joining The Moring Show soon!

Every week get your bike headlines, your 'Bike Top Tip', hear from cycling advocates and activists plus the funny on the world of bikes & riders via comedic commentary.

Four rotating correspondents will report for Bike Talk weekly and with a  bit of encouragement from listeners they may get a show of their own!

Bike Talk Staff:

Keegan has spent his life getting people on bikes. He grew up in Alaska teaching his friends to repair abandoned bikes and make their own studded tires so they could ride year round.
In college at Sarah Lawrence, Keegan founded Cranked Up! a cycle club and advocacy group that operated group rides, a bike co-op, and a bike share system on campus, all of which exist to this day. At Oxford University, he expanded his knowledge of the cycling world by working in a mainstream bike shop as a mechanic, sales rep, and manager.

After college, he set up a shop of his own in the South Bronx, where he helped neighborhood youth recycle their own bikes and taught them about the great trails that lead to parks and campgrounds upstate from their own backyards.

He moved to Brooklyn in 2010 and began volunteering as a mechanic at Time’s Up! where until recently he volunteered in almost every capacity: as a mechanic, instructor, admin, and organizer. Keegan is looking forward to starting his own bike co-op. Currently he is co-hosting, along with Nadette Stasa, Bike Radio on, Tuesday nights 8-9 PM.  He is also a regular contributor to The Villager, Streetsblog, and other periodicals and blogs about bike politics.
Nadette has worked as a casting director, actor, teacher, and producer. As a casting director she has specialized in “real people” casting, conducting interviews to get people to talk openly about sex, sleep habits, cell phones, pain relievers, etc.

A graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, she received training from The Circle-in-the-Square Theatre School, as well as The Experimental Theatre Wing in New York and Paris.  She founded the US Improvisational Theatre League and has produced improv for the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montréal and for Canadian television.

Currently she can be heard on a spot for Morningstar Farms Meatless Grillers and as the voice of “Jammie” on HBO's Family Jam.

Nadette is an avid cyclist with a much-admired, and photographed, bike that is decorated seasonally.  In 2004, Nadette helped organized the fundraiser “Bike to Beat Bush” and in 2006 worked with United for Peace and Justice/NYC on their fundraiser “Pedal for Peace”. 

As a volunteer with Times-Up! she leads the Annual Doggie Pedal Parade, the Island-Hopping Ride and monthly Peace Rides, co-sponored by PEACE MUSEUM NY.

Laura Solis is an activist of the Transportation Alternatives Bronx Committee, a Greenway Team Member of the Bronx River Alliance, the Outreach Coordinator for WE Bike NYC (a community of women who ride bikes with the goal to provide a safe space for women to ride together regardless of skill, speed and riding style) and on the Transportation Committee for her local Community Board in the Bronx.

Laura bought her first bike with hopes of completing the 2012 FIve Boro Bike Tour a month later. She attended her first WE Bike NYC meeting the evening the purchase was made, and that was her introduction to the New York cycling community beyond twitter. According to Laura, that was the greatest purchase she ever made, because it resulted in a complete shift in her life course. Laura is a Youth Programs and Communication Coordinator at the Bronx YMCA. She feels fortunate to be working for an organization who's mission is in line with her passion.

Laura truly enjoys working for this community based organization as she is a strives to connect the community with itself and connect with people on a human level.  She is currently pursuing her BS in Accounting and her certification to become a CPA.

Paul Steely White is the Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, the leading local walking, bicycling and transit advocacy group in the United States.

 Mr. White is an internationally known author and lecturer on bicycling, walking and transportation reform.
 Before joining Transportation Alternatives in April 2004, he served as Africa Regional Director for the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, a non-profit group based in New York City.

In 2011, Mr. White was selected to receive the Rockefeller Foundation's Jane Jacobs Medal, which recognizes those whose creative uses of the urban environment build a more diverse, dynamic, and equitable city.