Friday into Saturday 12:00am to 2:00am, alternate weeks w/ Midnight Ravers

Hosted by: Michael Murdabern, Yusuf Lamont, Darrell M. McNeill, Anthony Sloan and the Creative Unity Collective

In 1985, we organized, produced and performed "I'm Sorry, But It Had To Be Done," a satirical revue which sent up many of the hot-button topics of the day. The performance garnered the attention of one of the staff engineers at WBAI.

We were brought in to design and produce the station's program guide, The Folio, but we were also trained in the fine art of radio. A late night slot opened, and, on September 26, 1986 at 1AM, The Creative Unity Collective Show was born. We've since moved to alternating Fridays from midnight to 3AM.

The show is an energetic blend of sonic textures: Comedy, satire, social commentary, drama, readings, poetry, interviews, music and virtually every form of aurally transmittable art, done from a progressive and largely Afrocentric perspective.

On any given night, you might hear a poem by Langston Hughes weave into a sketch about the Clinton Administration, which will crossfade into a Nina Simone track, which will set up an interview with Nelson George, which will tie into a Richard Pryor joke, which will trigger a discussion about affirmative action, which will flow into a segment of a speech by Malcolm X, which...well, you get the general idea.